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  • Attention Status 2 Members: 

    We have reached a resolution with the company

    Over 1,300 Status 2 members are being moved to Status 1 Full Time, as stated in your proposal and its summary information. We have been working diligently with the company to get this issue resolved, and we have confirmed the eligibility of the remaining members who had not yet been moved to Status 1, for a total of over 1,360 people. Those being moved to Status 1 will be contacted by their union representative in the coming weeks to confirm the details and answer any questions you may have.


    All changes will go into effect the week beginning Sunday, May 28, 2017.


    If you have any pressing questions, please contact your union representative. Their name and contact information can be found in the break room of your store on your union bulletin board.

  • Your Wage Rates

    Because of the large number of raises that occurred with the implementation of your new contract, Kroger was not able to accurately update all of your wage rates in time. Be assured, you will receive all retro pay due according to the dates and wages of the contract. Kroger has posted a letter in your stores explaining their timeline of when you can expect to see your raise reflected in your paycheck and when you can expect to receive your retro pay. Here are the dates provided within:


    April 27, 2017: All employees will see updated wage rates for hours worked during the previous week (4/16/17 - 4/22/17).

    May 4, 2017: In addition to your updated regular wage rate, retro pay for hours worked from March 26, 2017 - April 15, 2017 will be paid. Retro payments less than $100 will be issued in the same payroll check. Retro payments more than $100 will be issued in a separate check during the same week.


    If you do not see your raise or your retro pay after these dates, please contact your union representative immediately, so that we can step in on your behalf.

  • Your Defense Fund

    What to Expect:

    Your dues will be reduced...

    Beginning April 1st, your dues will be reduced by $1/week, as we will no longer be collecting dues for your Defense Fund. You will see the change reflected in the FOLLOWING week’s paycheck, as each week’s paycheck reflects work and dues from the previous week

    You will be refunded...

    Kroger members in good standing on the active payroll will be refunded for their contributions to the defense fund. Refunds must be calculated individually, according to the number of weeks that were paid, with a maximum possible $70 paid into the fund. We have begun the process of individually auditing each member who contributed, and will begin issuing refunds on a monthly basis, starting with our most senior members.

  • Your Contract Passed!


    Congratulations on your new contract with Kroger!  


    With a strong voter turnout, the grocery contract was passed by 70% of the voting membership, and the meat contract was passed by 72% of the voting membership. Thank you to each and every member that took the time to come vote. Your participation is our strength and ensures that this democratic process remains strong in your workplace.


    Votes were counted at each location by rank and file members immediately following the vote at 7:00 p.m. Members were notified by email of the results as soon as the votes were totaled.


    The contract will go into effect on March 26, 2017.

    This contract means: wage increases for ALL employees, full and part time every year, more full-time jobs, and continued protection of your healthcare, pension, and other benefits.


    For more details on your new contract, please talk to your member representative. They will be in stores discussing the contract details in the coming weeks.


    Congratulations to all of our UFCW 876 members for standing together to get this contract passed. We are excited to have been able to negotiate better working conditions in addition to pay raises and pension benefits, and we will be working hard in your stores to make sure the new contract is rolled out as consistently and smoothly as possible.


  • Members counted votes at 7:00 p.m. immediately following the close of the vote at each location.

    Members counting the votes at the Ann Arbor voting location.

  • What to Expect When Voting on Your Contract


    Voting Is Simple...

    As you know, UFCW 876 has been negotiating with Kroger on your new contract according to feedback we received after the last negotiations regarding more hard money raises. You will get to vote on that contract in March. We strongly urge each and every member to vote. Use your voice - don't let others speak for you.


    When you receive your ballot, simply check one box, yes or no.

    A "Yes" Vote Means

    You Agree with the Proposal

    If it passes with a simple majority of "yes" votes, that means the wages, healthcare, and benefits contained in the proposal go into effect March 26, 2017.

    A "No" Vote Means

    You Reject the Proposal and Authorize a Strike

    UFCW 876 will go on strike as a last resort. This is important to remember: a "no" vote is not just a rejection of the proposal, it also means you are authorizing a strike.

    Strike Benefits

    UFCW 876 will be there for you no matter what; however, in order to receive strike benefits from the UFCW International Union, the contract must be rejected with at least a 66% "no" vote of the members voting.


    If the vote meets the 66% threshold, members would receive backing from the UFCW International. Each member who is on strike would receive $100 per week, as long as they put in a full week's work on the picket line.


    If the vote failed with less than 65% of the vote, there will be NO financial backing from the UFCW International and no weekly strike pay.

    UFCW 876 Kroger Defense Fund

    In the event of a strike, the UFCW 876 Kroger Defense Fund would be used on a needs-basis only. As you know, your local 876 matches your $1/week contribution to the Defense Fund. With 52 weeks in the year, that means the fund holds $104 per member. This amount would not be helpful if equally distributed among members. Instead, there would be a committee to review submitted needs of members and allocate funds accordingly, for example, for medical assistance or to save a member's home from foreclosure due to the strike.

    Not Voting Means

    You Give Up Your Voice

    If you do not vote, you give up your right to be heard. Your vote does not default to a "yes" or a "no" vote. Your vote is not counted at all. And that means that others will get to determine how much you get paid and what your benefits are. Others could even decide that the union will go on strike. Remember, your vote is your voice, so don't forget to use it!

  • What We Won't Compromise

    While we're negotiating for raises, we won't compromise on the things that are valuable to you:

    Affordable Healthcare

    While the independent market undergoes drastic change, you and your family deserve peace of mind about your healthcare coverage. While many other unions have had to sacrifice affordability of benefits in negotiations, we won't.

    “My wife had an in hospital procedure last year with an $80,000 hospital bill that we would have no way to afford without our union negotiated coverage. We paid our maximum $2,500 out of pocket, and the rest was totally covered. I don’t know what we would have done without it.”​ -Jim Mesich, UFCW 876 member from Kroger 486 in Warren

    Pension Benefits

    Pension benefits were won by standing united together, and we know you value the security it provides. While many other unions have had to sacrifice this in negotiations, we won't.

    “I just recently retired, and my husband has been a retired UFCW 876 member for 5 years now. Our pension benefits provide us both with a basic income to provide for our family that we would not have otherwise. Without it, we would only have our Social Security to cover all of our basic needs and expenses.” -Donna Jaiko, 39 year UFCW 876 member, retired from Kroger 618 in Livonia

    Healthcare Coverage for Part Time Workers

    This coverage is something we won by standing united together, and we know it is something you value. While many other unions have had to sacrifice this coverage in negotiations, we won't.

    “I have many health issues that I would not be able to take care of without my health benefits I get as a part timer. Not only could I not afford the healthcare, I would not even be able to actually work without getting the care I need.” -Sylvia Calmese, part time worker and 9 year UFCW 876 member at Kroger #663 in Roseville

  • September - Health Benefits

    UFCW 876 fights hard to make sure Kroger invests in a better life for you because of all you do to make your company successful.


    We are proud of the Health Care benefits we’ve won by working together for both full and part time workers. We know that members depend on them, and we’re making sure these stay protected during upcoming negotiations. Take a moment to review what you have earned in your current contract and learn what we are fighting to protect.


    Together, we make sure your #HardWorkWins

    Member Spotlight:

    “My Union insurance has helped me pay for me daughter’s braces and her asthma treatment. When that came up, I didn’t have to wonder how I was going to pay those bills.”

    Natasha Richardson, UFCW 876 member of Kroger 459 in Westland, MI

    You need insurance coverage you can rely on. When you get sick, you shouldn’t have to worry about losing your house or going bankrupt. UFCW 876 will continue to fight to make sure that high quality medical insurance at low cost to workers is part of your contract with the company. Check with your friends and family - we bet you’re paying less for higher quality insurance!

    Whether it’s routine cleanings (up to 4 a year!) or braces for your kids, dental bills can add up quickly for those without coverage. That’s why we’ve made sure that you don’t have to go it alone and dental insurance is one of your benefits.

    You shouldn’t have to delay getting annual checkups for your kids or new glasses for yourself because of the cost. And you don’t have to. UFCW 876 has fought for good vision insurance in your contract, and we’re making sure it stays there.

    It’s the kind of stuff you might not think about –– or want to think about. But we’ve made sure that you have short-term disability, accidental death insurance and life insurance in your contract. Because you work hard. And you deserve peace of mind.

     Sometimes the unexpected comes up in life and you need legal advice. But lawyers can get costly even for the simplest of things. That’s why UFCW 876 has made sure that your contract guarantees select legal services, so that something small doesn’t become a big deal. Do you know of anyone else who has pre-paid legal services provided by their employer? We're proud to have won this benefit together! See below for more details

    You have access to life insurance benefits and services that can help you make the most out of every stage of your life, including the ones we don’t like to plan for. Life insurance keeps you and your loved ones prepared for the worst, so you don’t leave any burdens behind.

  • Your Pre-Paid Legal Services

    Available to you so that regular problems don't become too big a burden.



    You are entitled to $1,500 in legal services in any given 12 month period.


    If you need legal services beyond that, the maximum you can be charged is $75 per hour. Many attorneys charge $200 to $350 per hour.

    Covers a Variety of Legal Matters

    You can see a lawyer for wills/powers of attorney, landlord-tenant matters; debt collection; domestic matters; real estate transfer; consumer protection; juvenile matters; document review and preparation; estate preparation and administration; criminal expungement; and traffic matters.

  • What is a Contract?

    As a UFCW 876 member, you are protected on the job by a legally binding document.


    You work hard. UFCW 876 believes that hard work wins. That’s why the union is announcing the #HardWorkWins campaign. Hard Work Wins is about building a community effort; to make sure Kroger recognizes it is your hard work that makes the company successful.


    Your participation is very important in making this campaign grow. Members are encouraged to join Hard Work Wins social networks, enjoy contests, provide feedback and network the knowledge!




    Natasha Richardson, Kroger #459, Westland, 19 year member

    "My Union insurance has helped me pay for my daughter's braces and her asthma treatment. When that came up, I didn't have to wonder how I was going to pay those bills."


    You work hard to make Kroger successful, and that's why the UFCW 876 fights to make sure the company also invests in you. You deserve peace of mind when it comes to the health of your family, so we are making sure these benefits stay protected during upcoming negotiations.


    UFCW 876 is protecting your benefits - you've earned it.


    Jillian Spears, Kroger #492, Rochester Hills, 12 year member

    "I am grateful for my union membership because they protected my job and my paycheck when I needed it. I had submitted paper work for medical leave and then had to take a few days off for that reason. Kroger could not find the paperwork approving my leave, they assumed it was denied, and fired me for the days missed. I called my union rep because I knew he would fight for me. He made Kroger find the missing paperwork, and I was reinstated at my job with backpay for the time missed! Without the union, I would not have been paid and I would not have my job."


    You deserve to be respected and treated fairly at your job. If your company makes quick decisions for their benefit, UFCW 876 is here to make sure YOUR interests are represented and supported. After all, you're the ones who make your store run.


    UFCW 876 is supporting your rights - you deserve it.


    Patricia Landrum, Kroger #635, Essexville, 9 year member

    "I was being paid an incorrect lower rate for a long time. My manager was trying to help me and was talking to HR and the company for 2 years! But we kept hitting dead ends. Everyone said we were correct - I was supposed to be paid the higher rate, but no one wanted to DO anything to change it. When I contacted my union rep, he stepped in and was able to actually hold the company accountable and make them do something about it. Now I'm being paid my correct rate, and I've been reimbursed for an entire year of back pay.


    We take on the role of being your representatives very seriously. When your boss isn't following the rules, we are proud to stand up for our members and make sure you are being treated fairly. All of our work centers on advocating for you in the face of the company.


    UFCW 876 is advocating for a strong protections - you deserve it.


    Dianne Tarbet, Kroger #691, Westland, 37 year member

    "I'm proud to be a member of UFCW 876 because they're there to back us up if something happens on the job. I wish I could just trust everyone, but that's not how the world works. We need someone to stand up for us workers."


    As your union representation, UFCW 876 is here to advocate for you. No employer is perfect, and Kroger has their own interests as a company that are different from yours as an individual. When you stand united with your coworkers, you join your individual powers together to create something bigger than yourselves, something that can hold Kroger accountable to a contract we all agree on. Together we can make sure your hard work wins.


    UFCW 876 is representing your voice - you deserve it.


    Terry Birchler, Kroger 459, Westland, 42 year member

    "The most important thing for me going into 2017 negotiations is higher wages. Wages and cost in the rest of the world are going up; my bills are going up, but my pay is not."


    Your hard work shows respect for your job and your company. The company should show that same respect through better wages, better benefits and secure protections. Your pay should reflect the value your hard work brings to the company, regardless of where you live.


    UFCW 876 is advocating for a meaningful raise - you've earned it.


    Ken Massengile, Kroger 669, Redford, 37 year member

    "My union has helped me tremendously. They fight for us and look out for us when we can't. They have saved my job four times over the past 37 years. I always tell people, 'Don't take a job that is not union!' It's like having a pocket lawyer with you on the job all the time."


    Waking up at dawn or staying well past bedtime, your dedication in doing a great job and going that extra mile is what makes The Kroger Company so successful. You shouldn't have to put your job at risk in order to stand up for yourself. That's where the union comes in: we advocate for you to Kroger management. You don't have to put your own job at risk to hold the company accountable.


    UFCW 876 stands up to fight for you – you deserve it.


    Kelly Johnson, Kroger #642, Ferndale, 13 year member

    "I was overlooked for a promotion because management already had in mind who they wanted for the job. They brought in a brand new employee, but the union was able to get me that promotion because of my seniority."


    You deserve to have your hard work recognized through a fair process of promotion not favoritism. We are here to make sure you always a voice to speak up for yourself when the company tries to play favorites.


    UFCW 876 is advocating for member rights - you've earned it.


    President Robinson created the Worker Defense Fund to ensure union members are in a position to advocate and protect their current contract and secure a better life. The Worker Defense Fund will help make sure your Hard Work Wins at Kroger.



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